Sunday, 2 July 2017

home learning challenge (C1)

 Prepare an itinerary for a tourist visiting Christchurch.

9:00 am- Enjoy the ride on the Gondola

11:30 am- Drive or catch the bus to the botanic gardens.

12:00 pm- Arrive at the botanic gardens. Find a nice spot to sit and have a picnic.

1:00 pm- After lunch have a walk in the gardens and look at the old trees and pretty flowers.

3:00 pm- Christchurch Museum is in walking distance from the park and has lots of cool old things to look at and lots of interesting things too.

4:00 pm- Go to Willowbank wildlife reserve and have a look at some of NZ's native animals and birds, feed the birds, feed the farm animals and check out the great walkways.

6:00 pm: Home for dinner.

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