Friday, 6 November 2015

The Professer And The Robot

One morning the professor woke up, he had a weird dream and he wanted to make it a reality. His dream was about a robot that he lived in it was red had 8 tenticals and 30 odd doors. When he woke up he had to build the robot.

At 11:00am he wanted to make a start, he gathered the materials for this robot. He gathered lots of steel, door knobs and a welder. When he arrived home from the store he parked his hover board in the garage and went inside then he thought I can't build in my apartment around my kids Naomi and Bobby. Instead he went to his warehouse on Main Street around the corner.
"Bye Amanda,"he said to his wife.
"Bye!" she yelled as he walked out the door.

When he arrived at his warehouse he parked his hover board outside and went to unlock the door. As he unlocked the door a loud creek frightened him until he realised it was just the door. He flicked on the dusty light switch and started to weld, the light was so bright. He welded a oval shape with rectangular holes in it,  he added the door knobs and painted it red. Once the paint was dry he started on the interior design.

When he finished he rolled it out and took it home to show his family
"I'm so proud of you!"said Amanda
"Awesome!"screamed Bobby.

He decided to give it to the girls for a play house,and they loved it!