Wednesday, 15 February 2017

leadership meeting blog post 3

during our leadership meeting today we learnt ten ways a school leader can contribute to your school . We also started planning what we are going to do to contribute to Oaklands. Maddy and I have finished our plan, all we have to do now is run it by the teachers then our plan is confirmed. This plan will take place in term 2 or 3.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

leadership meeting merit blog post 2

Today we had a leadership meeting. Mr Ladbrook was away so Mrs McLeod filled in. We practiced our public speaking. first we did it with a partner, then in groups of four. In the group of four we had a poem, we all got parts to say in front of the other leaders and then we got feedback from them so we could improve.

wearing my hat at lunch Merit blog post 1

Today when the year 7/8 hub got back from technology we had to quickly put our bags in the class, grab what we need and go outside. After I ate my food under the shade I put my hat on and ran onto the field. when the year 3's ran past they put their hat on because they saw my friends and I wearing ours. I showed active thinking by role modeling my hat without being asked

home learning challenge (E5)

E5; research your family tree and share it with your family
My Mums family

John Swaney m Mary Crow in 1846 Cornwall
Family - Ernest, Rosemary and Ian

Ernest Swaney m Amy Prattley in 1914 Temuka
Family - Cliff, Trevor, Albert and Iris

Albert Swaney m Ruth Hosken in 1942 Ashburton
Family - Terrence, Dennis, Trevor, David and Peter

Terrence Swaney m Patricia Lee in 1967 Ashburton
Family - Lynette and Craig

Lynette Swaney m Philip Andrell in 2001 Fiji
Family - Travis, Jared, Leeana, Jake

After Quail island leprosy colony quarantine facility closed in 1925 our family farmed it.
The name Swaney originates from England
Trevor Swaney was killed in WW2 in Florence
Albert Swaney was in WW2 based in Fiji as communications

Terrence Swaney (my Grandad) served in NZ Army as was based in Singapore