Friday, 25 September 2015

How To Make Mountain Dew Gummies!

        To learn how to make Mountain Dew Gummies

        Things you will need:
        1.Half a cup of water
        2.20 grams of gelatine
        3.A pot
        4.A spoon

        1.Pour the gelatine and water into a pot,leave off the heat and stir till combined.Let it sit for 10            minutes.It will harden.

        2.After the 10 minutes are up put onto meduim heat on the stove till liquid.

        3.Pour Mountain Dew into glasses as many as you please  but you might have to change the                 portions of the ingrediants. Add the gelatine mixture but not much it will fizz!

        4.Put in the fridge for 90 minutes or over night.


You can choose different flavours. 


 Be careful around the stove, get a parent to help.

Technology Challenge

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Balloon Powered Vehicle

WALT:collaborate in a group,design a solution to plan a problem