Wednesday, 29 November 2017

leadership meeting - excellence blog post 4

On Wednesday all the leaders had a meeting. Our first topic to discuss was the artwork that we are doing on the chorus box. The other thing that we talked about was how far along everyone was in achieving their merit badges. I showed the care value of active thinking by putting forward lots of good ideas. I showed the learner quality of collaborating.

leadership meeting - excellence blog post 3

On Tuesday we had a leadership meeting about the chorus box. In the meeting we discussed who was going to go down on what day and do what. I am going next week to do some of the designing. In the meeting I showed the care value of excellence by showing my best. I also showed the learner quality of communicating by putting forward my ideas.

Tech - excellence blog post 2

Last Thursday we took the bus to Lincoln for technology. On the bus ride I showed the respect value by talking quietly to the people around me and not screaming over everyone. I showed the learner quality of empathy by thinking of others and not talking loudly. at tech I am doing science, in class we did robotics. we had to program and then test them.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Wellington - Excellence blog post 1

On the 14th of November the year 8's went to Wellington. While I was there I showed the care value of Respect by respecting the public in the mornings when they were trying to get to work. I also respected the people in parliament by talking quietly and not screaming.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Letter Writing

In Writing we have been learning to: Write a formal letter.

We have followed the writing process and have planned and drafted a formal letter.

This shows the process that we have followed.

One thing that I found challenging about writing formal letters was setting out the paragraphs and writing in a formal way.

My next step is: look for more opportunities to put my letter writing knowledge into practice in the future.

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