Sunday, 11 June 2017

Maths WALT: Reason with linear proportions

WALT: Reason with linear proportions
I have been learning 3 WALTS
Write the answers the problems here (and show your working).
1A. 300 divided by 5= 60
60 times 2 = 120
120MLs of mango juice
1B. Pineapple punch because there's only 3 parts to it and 5 parts to the hawaiian one
1C. 250ML
2. 300 divided into 4 = 75
1 part coconut milk=75ML
2 parts mango=150ML
1 part orange=75ML
3A. Tiny: 100MLs
30ML orange
60ML pineapple
60ML mango

3B. Giant: 1.5 L

375ML coconut milk
750ML mango

375ML orange

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