Friday, 21 August 2015

Jennifer Bricker

Jennifer Bricker is an athlete but she has no legs.
when she was born she was abandoned at the hospital by her parents and she got put up for adoption.The Bricker family adopted her.Sharon and Gerold decided to raise her with no limitations and with one rule never say can't.

When she was seven she saw her idol Dominique Moceanu a famous gymnast.Jennifer wanted to be a tumblar her parents incouraged her as well as the three Bricker brothers.Of course she didnt give up can't isnt part of her vocabulary.She started to try tramp at the age of seven on the trampoline wiht her dad Gerold Bricker.She started off with some falls then she was able to a back flip.By high school she was a champion,but tramp wasn't her only hobbie she also tried base ball and basket ball.

At the age of  sixteen she had a question to ask her mum,she asked "Is there anything you know about my biological parents."
Sharon's reply was "Ok,but you have to sit down."
"Mum I'm always sitting,how about you sit"
Jennifer said back.Het mothers reply was "Ok how about I sit."
That's when Jennifer Bricker found out that her biological last name is Moceanu.that meant her biological sister Dominique Moceanu (her idol) had another sister.

When Jennifer had tracked her down she wrote Dominique a letter and in the envelope there was adoption papers and a photo.In the letter it said that Jennifer was a tumbler.Dominique had called her.Jennifer said on the phone "By the way I have no legs."
Dominique replied with "But you said you were a tumbler."
In Dominique's head she was thinking who is this girl?
When Dominique saw the photo of Jennifer she explained it like "She's looked like the spitting image that was my little sister Christina."

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